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I am an Engineer and Owner of Perfect Academy.

Yogendrasing Girase is the Founder of Dreamers World Smart Solutions LLP, a company specializing in the professional training and helping individuals in personal and business development. Yogendrasing Girase is an author, inspirational and motivational speaker, professional coach and entrepreneur. He believes in consistently providing impeccable service to his attendees. He conducts his workshop “DREAMERS WORLD” worldwide to guide youngsters to start their business early. Through his workshop, he speaks on topics like Fear, Procrastination, Power of the Subconscious Mind, Happiness, Leadership, Motivational Speaking and Positive Thinking. His company also focuses on the training essentials for adopting and manipulating the renewable energy sources like solar energy. Yogendrasing Girase is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and has accomplished his Master’s in Thermal Engineering.

Yogi is a true inspiration! He leads his life on his own standards and that motivates his loved ones and people around him to achieve pedestal positions. Personally and professionally, he sticks to his credo and doesn’t let anyone or anything throw him off course. He lives life in the fast lane and everyone admires him for that. He started his coaching/training career at the age of 19, when he was just in his second year of Engineering. He knows all the ups and down of a career. He started from nothing and has been renowned to convert his earnings into seven figures. Everyone admires his confidence as he can train anyone to crack the codes to success.

Yogi’s Mission is to help anyone and everyone attain their highest potential and create and live the life of their dreams. He has a simple step-by-step action plan to build your dream. Through his seminars, he can assist you to make your dreams come true. He helps you to move forward to achieve your dream. He is passionate about encouraging individuals to start their businesses at the inception so they can achieve financial freedom in the early stages of their lives. His personal philosophy involves attaining wealth in order to help others.

Yogi is an author of an upcoming book, BUILD YOUR DREAM, NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S! This book talks about how to achieve financial freedom at the early stages of your life. He has presold 1000 copies of this book.

Yogi has his own Academy, the PERFECT ACADEMY, where he has trained over 10,000 engineering and thousands of other students, since 2000. He has a dexterous experience of coaching and training over 17 years in his own institution, PERFECT ACADEMY, a coaching institute which coaches technical subjects.

Yogi is an International Speaker, and has shared the stage with some top speakers like Gerry Robert and Jean-Guy Francoeur in Singapore.



My mission is to help anyone and everyone to attain their highest potential and create the life of their dreams and live their dreams.